Friday, July 20, 2007

ESU5 Day 1 continues

After lunch, I enjoyed a three-hour workshop by Renaud Chorlay and Philippe Brin, both French high school teachers. Apparently, French kids start learning probability quite late, but when they do, at age 16-18, thez do it seriously. Chorlay and Brin showed three examples of mathematical original sources that thez use in their classrooms: a discussion on life expectancy between the Huygens brothers, a note on a game of dice by Leibniz and some familiar texts on the "problem of points" by Pacioli, Pascal, Fermat and others. In all, there were several texts here that I haven´t seen before, and that I would like to use in my own teaching.
After this, I heard five 10-minute presentations, on a mathematical exhibition (Oscar Joao Abdounur), on mathematics theater (Funda Gonulates), on error correcting codes (Uffe Thomas Jankvist), on Ramanujan (Jim Tattersall) and on area and volume (Luciana Zuccheri and Paola Gallopin). All of these were interesting, but frankly, 10-minute talks only serve as an introduction which should be followed bz personal communication whenever particularly interesting things occur. (Even though some of the presenters tried to put as much content into the presentations as physicallz possible.)

This finished off the official part of the first daz, but then some of us went out to enjoy Prague´s food and drinks, of course. The prices are ridiculously low by Norwegian standards (as in manz parts of the world...)

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