Saturday, March 03, 2007

Maths problem at Verizon Wireless

This is an absolutely absurd conversation, in which representatives of Verizon Wireless are making fools of themselves.

The problem is this: The caller has been quoted a rate of 0.002 cents/kb for internet traffic in Canada (and this is readily accepted by Verizon Wireless), but when he gets the bill, he is charged 0.002 dollars/kb. The really amazing part of the conversation is when Verizon Wireless makes this calculation:
0.002 c/k * 35,893 k = 71.79 dollars
without understanding that the caller has a problem with the sudden change from cents to dollars...

Would you buy shares in a company that don't know the difference between cents and dollars?

I must add that the tape may be a hoax, as it seems incredible that Verizon Wireless could be this stupid.

I have contacted Verizon Wireless for their comments, but I have not had an answer so far. I will update this story if I receive a comment.

(For the record: the "stupid" part is not the part of not knowing math - it's setting people who don't know math to be the company's representatives to discuss maths problems.)


Anonymous Adrian said...

It's not incredible at all that verizon could be this "stupid". Their job is to say anything -- ANYTHING -- to stick it to the customer. This is the way it works with all telecommunications companies. In fact, it is pretty hard for me to think of a less corrupt and sleazy industry. I think that the illegal alcohol trade during prohibition was less corrupt.

Don't call customer service. Go striaght to filing a complaint with the FCC. It's the only thing they will listen to. And, they will listen to it. Sprint tried to bill me some outrageous amount of money for using my cell phone to call an ISP. (They were not providing me the "web services" they were trying to charge me for -- the ISP was. They were just completing a call to a legitimate phone number.) At any rate, I go online and fillout a form with the FCC and they take the charges off. I did agree to not do that again even though it seems well within my rights to do and have since switched to T-Mobile. (I already knew I was going to let the contract expire and switch by the time the issue was resolving itself.)

Obviously the real issue is that they have "web services" (which weren't even on my plan and I didn't even initially know about) that they want to be able to charge some outrageous amount of money for. Since you have to go through a cell phone to get that kind of mobile access to the internet (which has obvious value), they are trying to make you really pay a huge premium for it by preventing any similar competing connections. When I talked to customer service, they just kep saying "We don't offer web services on your plan, sir." And, my response was "Right. Exactly. That is why you cannot charge me an extra $130 dollars right now -- apparently for something you keep insisting that you do not provide me."

Those people are just there to talk stupid people out of a legitimate complaint. Most of them really just need to have their butts kicked, frankly.

7:12 PM  

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