Saturday, November 26, 2005

Diary of a Black Mathematician

I'm spending a little time seeing a little of what is out there in the mathematical blog sphere. One of the interesting ones are Diary of a Black Mathematician, with several interesting postings. (Among others, the comic strips added at the end of this posting.)

He mentions that he has kept a mathematical diary for years. That reminds me of the usefulness of keeping a diary for other purposes as well. For more than a year some years ago, I kept a diary of what happened at work. All good ideas of what to change in the way we taught and so on were recorded there. At the end of each month, I made a summary. And at the end of the academic year, I was able to write a detailed evaluation of the course - based on the diary. (After writing it, I let the students read it and react to it - they agreed that I had caught the main points.) Maybe I should try to get the time to take up this habit again...

(Okay, I know they turn out quite small. Right-click and choose "Show image" (or whatever is the way of doing it in your browser) to see a bigger version.)


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