Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Article: Turner/Rowland

Fay Turner and Tim Rowland: The knowledge quartet: a means of developing and deepening mathematical knowledge in teaching?

This is a exemplary article. It gives an overview of a theoretical framework and at the same time shows how this framework can be used in practice to provide "discussion points" in teacher education. This is so refreshing, far too many writers leave it to the reader to find practical consequences of the theories.

The Knowledge Quartet is a way of looking at the knowledge that a teacher needs to teach mathematics:
- foundation (what the teacher learned "in the academy")
- transformation ("knowledge-in-action", planning the teaching etc)
- connection (for instance the sequencing of material)
- contingency (the ability to change plans on the go)

I'm about to read another article about The Knowledge Quartet now, which will probably give me more insight into its use.

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